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Plastyk.ayn crushing mills have produced almost three times less Asthlak high torque life more and more.

Plastic Granulator A plastic granulator is a machine used for size reduction, an essential step in plastic recycling. Plastic granulators have the ability to quickly break down plastic products such as plastic bottles, crates, drums, and films into small, uniform pieces called “regrinds” or “flakes”

In some cases, this maybe the only step required before it can be reused in manufacturing new plastic products. For the most part, however, recycling of plastic scrap requires much more resources in sorting and separation


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plastic recycling
Is not very difficult

Mixed plastics can be recycled but valuable film are arranged. Because of their physical properties such as elasticity may be very different. First you must, plastic recycler wants you to know.

Machine zolfaghari its activities began in 1330 with the production of shoes sole injection machines and following that began to design and manufacture devices for crushing the waste Amha.

1          After-sales service
After Varnty and unconditional warranty turns unfinished the company's after-sales service (car zolfaghari) approached. Today, all our applicants are in the same form first before buying them Materials and after-sales service is important. Following this important industry development company Zulkadir comfort for its customers anywhere in Iran and the Middle East in addition to unconditional guarantees unlimited after-sales service for customer convenience added to the collection. Zolfaghari in your car Unlimited service representatives in Fars province / Khuzestan province / state Mashhad is used in the repair or send any shortly when the piece is done. Replace worn parts or repair it by sending a formidable force in less than 36 hours.
2          If your device warranty.
It may be that your device warranty if you question what does it mean? with a one-time member of the set of services from the company and can benefit from the company's warranty service. will they make this piece is a 6 month warranty.
3          Look for quality not quantity
switchgear with today's standards and the most safe in terms of security product is shipped.
4          Export
centrifuges / grinding / crushing tapes for heavy frankincense drip / water-cooled and air-cooled glass granules and mill heavy and light plastics for different applications Persian Gulf countries such as Oman .kvyt Hashyyh Bahrain. Hmsayyh countries like Iraq and Iran and the cities of Karbala and Jeddah Armenia Yerevan / Syria Damascus / Erbil, Sulaimaniya / Georgia, Tbilisi / Azzbayjan and Baku and India and Africa Have. plastic (mill / granule / Hot Vashyng / cross Fyvzh) refer. he entered the global market. is not....